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Is Today the Day, Dad?

Updated: May 25, 2018

On Friday I turned in my last final exam before graduation, and our family entered a new time of transition. With about 35% of our monthly support needs met, we will be going full-time at completing our partnership team, getting rid of lots of stuff, and preparing to return to Japan.

But for the weekend, I was just home. No classes to study for, no books to read, no papers to write, no deadlines to meet, for the first time in 21 months. It's strange how hanging out with our fam affects me now. There's a nagging sensation that I'm not getting something done.

I think our kids sense that, too. They know we've completed stage 2 of our transition from military to missionary (1 = get back to the USA, have baby #3, become part of MTW; 2 = graduate seminary; 3 = complete partnership team and return to Tokyo). As we were getting in the car today, Keith said, "Is today the day, Dad? Are we leaving for Japan today?!" Not today, kiddo, but soon. "But we've been here a long time already! We need to go back to Japan."

Keith's questions echo my own prayers. "Is today the day, Lord? Let it be soon! We are heartsick to see your gospel go forth among the Japanese."

Jesus is on the move!

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